Welcome to the PASA Oil and Gas Application Portal

The goal of this Portal is to provide an electronic platform for all stakeholders in the oil and gas sector in South Africa to engage directly with the Petroleum Agency SA.

Before using the Portal, you must first register for access. Click the Registration Details link to find out more about getting access to use the Application Portal: Registration Page

Prospective applicants

  • If you don't already hold petroleum rights in South Africa or are an Environmental Assessment Practitioner, use the Self Registration online form to submit your particulars and supporting documents through the portal.

All applicants need to ensure that their applications for petroleum permits and rights adhere to the relevant laws and legislations found on the PASA website. All application forms can be found on the portal and are available for download here: Forms

Work Programme Guidelines for Permits and Rights are also available for download: Guidelines

When providing the relevant coordinates or area for application, the applicant needs to ensure that the shape selected does not fall within any environmentally protected areas. Environmentally sensitive and protected areas can be found by clicking on the Department of Environmental Affairs website.

All relevant title deeds need to be obtained from WinDeed website, via the applicant's account. The deeds then need to be uploaded as a supporting document during the application process.

Disclaimer: Please ensure that a minimum of 4-6 megabytes per second (Mbps), internet speed is available when working on the PASA Application Portal.